Philips CPAP Recall

On June 14, 2021, Philips initiated a voluntary recall notification for specific Philips Respironics models of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), bilevel positive airway pressure (BPAP), and mechanical ventilator devices. The recall is to address potential health risks related to the polyester-based polyurethane sound abatement foam used in certain devices. The foam used in these devices may degrade and can be inhaled or ingested with high temperatures, high humidity, or the use of ozone cleaning machines. Philips reports that the foam-related complaint rate in 2020 was low (0.03%). 


What to do next?

If you are using a Philips machine, visit Philips Recall website to register your device. Philips will be using this information to repair or replace the affected devices.


If your device is included in the recall, contact our office to schedule an appointment with a medical provider about the continued use and associated risks with these machines.


To contact Sonoran Sleep Center call 602.206.6262 or Click Here to make an appointment online.


Questions about continuing CPAP in the interim?

We are currently reviewing each patient’s severity of sleep apnea and symptoms. If you have questions about the continued use of your Philips machine, we can schedule an in-person visit or telemedicine visit. 


For more information about this recall, please contact Philips directly: 1-877-907-7508 or visit


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