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Sleep Well.

Be Well.

Thank you for choosing to send your patient to Sonoran Sleep Center. 


Like you, our primary goal is to make your patients feel better faster.


At Sonoran Sleep Center, patients will find a highly experienced and dedicated team to make each visit as comfortable and efficient as possible.

With a team of caring experts working together, backed by the latest technology and research, Sonoran Sleep Center has the right combination of experience and expertise to diagnose and treat patients with sleep disorders.


To schedule an appointment, give us a call.  You’ll find the address, email, phone number, and fax on our contact page or at the bottom of this page.

We know that your referral is a reflection of your judgment, and we will make every effort to provide an outstanding experience for your patients. Thank you for putting your trust in us.

Testing and Treating Made Easy

Sleep Well.

Be Well.

Sonoran Sleep Center provides a variety of service options for diagnosing and treating your patients, including:

  • Diagnostic Polysomnography, split night polysomnography, PAP titration studies

  • Home sleep apnea testing

  • PAP therapeutic device and supplies sales

A sleep study is the best way to diagnose sleep disorders and can help your patients start sleeping normally again in a short period of time. Referring your patients to Sonoran Sleep Center is a simple, straightforward, and convenient way to improve their quality of care.

What We Do


Evaluate and treat Adult and Pediatric Sleep Disorders

Multiple sleep lab testing/testing for narcolepsy or hypersomnias 


Telemedicine Appointments

In-Lab Sleep Studies/polysomnography

Home Sleep Apnea Testing


CPAP | Bilevel PAP Therapy | Supplies for sleep apnea

and more

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