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Saguaros at Sunset in Sonoran Desert near Phoenix
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Welcome to Sonoran Sleep Center,

your premier destination for expert sleep medicine in the Phoenix metropolitan area. As a physician-owned clinic and laboratory, we proudly serve individuals starting from the age of four. Our commitment at Sonoran Sleep Center is deeply rooted in evidence-based practices, ensuring that every patient, regardless of age, receives the most effective and current treatments available in sleep medicine.


Our approach at Sonoran Sleep Center is comprehensive, considering not just the medical but also the psychological and lifestyle factors that influence sleep health. This care strategy is designed to offer a personalized treatment experience, focusing on enhancing your sleep quality and overall well-being.


Understanding the intricate relationship between sleep disorders and overall health is at the core of our practice. Sleep issues often intertwine with other medical conditions, which is why our collaboration with specialists such as internists, cardiologists, pulmonologists, and ENTs is crucial. This multidisciplinary approach enables us to address the multifaceted nature of sleep health, providing you with the most thorough and effective care possible.


At Sonoran Sleep Center, we are dedicated to improving your sleep and, by extension, your quality of life, using a blend of scientific research, proven methods, and a personalized approach to patient care.


Energy and Health after a good nights sleep


At Sonoran Sleep Center, we are committed to providing exceptional healthcare to individuals suffering from sleep disorders. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of our patients by offering comprehensive, personalized care with custom tailored treatments that address their specific needs. We are dedicated to staying up-to-date on the latest research and technology in sleep medicine to provide the most advanced and effective treatment options. Additionally, we believe in promoting healthy sleep habits and educating our patients on the importance of good sleep hygiene.


Our goal is to be the leading sleep medicine clinic and lab, providing exceptional care and ongoing support to help our patients achieve their best possible sleep.


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