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Sonoran Sleep Center, led by Dr. Sarah Patel, stands out as a premier sleep medicine facility in Arizona. Since opening, Dr. Patel has been consistently recognized as a Phoenix Magazine Top Doc, a testament to her exceptional skill and dedication in the field of sleep medicine.


Our sleep center focuses on diagnosing and treating sleep disorders, ensuring that every patient receives highly specialized and curated care.  We delve deep into the complexities of each individual's sleep issues, offering tailored treatments that address the root cause and not just the symptoms.


At Sonoran Sleep Center, we believe in making quality sleep medicine accessible. Our bilingual team, proficient in both English and Spanish, is committed to serving a diverse community, ensuring that all patients feel understood and supported in their journey towards better sleep.


Our dedication to sleep health is unmatched. Dr. Patel and team, have created a space where sleep disorders are not just treated, but deeply understood. Whether it's your first consultation or a part of your ongoing treatment journey, Sonoran Sleep Center is your dedicated partner in achieving optimal sleep and overall health.


At Sonoran Sleep Center, we are more than just a clinic; we are a fully integrated sleep medicine lab and clinic. This combination allows us to provide comprehensive care that is specifically tailored to each patient's needs. By integrating clinical evaluations with our testing facility, we ensure that every aspect of your sleep health is thoroughly assessed and treated with the highest standards of care.

Telemedicine Appointments

Telemedicine services allow you to consult with sleep specialists from the comfort of your home. Convenient and secure, these virtual appointments make accessing expert advice and care easier than ever, ensuring you receive the support you need for better sleep health.

CPAP Therapy Management

Manage sleep apnea effectively with our CPAP Therapy Management service. We offer personalized device fittings, education on proper usage and maintenance, and ongoing support to optimize your treatment and enhance sleep quality.

Home Sleep Testing (HST)

Sonoran Sleep Center's Home Sleep Testing service lets you comfortably undergo sleep studies at home. Using our advanced, easy-to-use devices, you can identify sleep issues like sleep apnea in your own sleeping environment.

Sleep Hygiene Education

Improve your sleep quality with our Sleep Hygiene Education. We provide practical advice on creating conducive sleep environments and establishing routines that promote restful sleep, helping you make beneficial changes to your sleep habits.

In-Lab Sleep Studies

Our In-Lab Sleep Studies provide a detailed analysis of your sleep patterns and behaviors in a controlled setting. Conducted at our facility, these studies are overseen by Registered Polysomnographic Technologists to ensure comprehensive diagnostics and care.

Pediatric Sleep Disorders

Pediatric sleep disorders, including insomnia, sleep apnea, and restless legs syndrome, impact health and development. Sonoran Sleep Center diagnoses and treats these conditions with tailored therapies, helping children achieve the sleep they need.

Sunsetting in the Desert
"Knowledgeable, clear explanations, and wonderful people to work with. This facility provides the best educated, up-to-the-minute procedures and diagnoses. Highly recommend if you have sleep issues."

John R.


8:30 am – 4:30 pm




Sonoran Sleep Center Logo
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